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Pest bird proofing, management, prevention
Austrapest deals with pest bird species such as Indian mynas, Feral pigeons, European starlings and to a lesser extent the House sparrow. Some other birds can also be a nuisance but the problem has to be assessed on case by case situation.
Our methods include habitat modification, trapping, scare devices
Control methods used by Austrapest:
This will depend on the pressure that birds are exerting on a site. A thorough site inspection and bird management proposal and plan is the first step.
Physical control methods include netting, installing spikes of various sizes, coils and wire along ledges are all designed to exclude birds from nesting sites.
Austrapest has bird traps which can be used in large sites such as shopping centres, malls and parks against Indian mynas

Heavy Pressure: The bird is nesting or roosting at this site and there is generally a food or water source nearby.
Medium Pressure: This is most likely a food or afternoon resting site, but they do not nest or roost there.
Light Pressure: There is no food source or sheltered area at site and the birds stop there briefly during the day.
Physical Control Methods
Netting (High Pressure) – Control all pest bird species, by exclusion of roosting sites.
Spikes, Coil & Post/ Wire Systems (Medium to Low Pressure) – Most successful against Pigeons and Gulls.
Can work against small bird species. Are common ledge deterrents they control by creating an unstable landing platform.
Electric Track Systems (Medium to Low Pressure) – Control all pest bird species by utilising high voltage low amp shock to deter birds. Most commonly used as a ledge deterrent.
Installing a bird management program with Austrapest is a cost effective investment compared with ongoing costs of cleaning and repairs.
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Austrapest and Kevmac together have been established in the Sydney Metropolitan since 1949, providing excellence in pest services.

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