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Subfloor Ventilation

Buildings with a poorly ventilated subfloor can provide the perfect environment for termites and health problems.
Many problems in the area of pest control are moisture related - wood decay, termites, rats and cockroaches all thrive on high levels of moisture in their environment.
Dampness can be caused by plumbing leaks, poor air flow under a building, external ground too high or inadequate drainage.
Fungal decay happens when the spores of fungus can germinate on wood surfaces where moisture level is high.
*Brown rot fungi will leave wood darker in colour and cracked, across the grain producing large cubes of wood.
*White rot fungi leaves exposed surfaces looking fibrous.
*Timber in service can decay if moisture levels are above 20%
Why does Austrapest report on fungal decay in our comprehensive visual pest reports?
Fungal decay can do considerable damage to timbers in a building structure.
Austrapest’s report follows the existing Timber Pest Inspection Code of Practice and the Australian Standard which requires us to report on fungal decay and areas conducive to timber pest activity.
Mould fungi is the cause of allergens in humans but the activity on timbers is only superficial and they do not decay wood – the significance of mould fungi is that it indicates a moisture problem.
Mildew and non wood decay fungi is commonly known as mould and is not considered a Timber Pest.
However mould and their spores may cause health problems or allergic reactions such as asthma and dermatitis in some people.
The quality of air under a house can impact on the health of the occupants causing household allergies and respiratory problems. It can also affect timber pest activity including in your house including termites, borers and fungal decay.
There are a wide range of brass mesh ventilators available on the market which can be installed in lower external foundation walls to allow better air flow under a building. Austrapest can supply and install Aleta brass mesh ventilators of various sizes and colour to fit most locations.
Austrapest can also supply and install a wide range of 12/ 24 volts electric fans such as the Edmonds Eco fans or the Envirofans to suit most locations. Eco fans are highly efficient, quiet, cheap (at $10 per year to run), extract stale air from the subfloor and replace it with clean, fresh external air from the exterior.Edmonds Eco fans allow 280 000 litres per year of stale air to be drawn out from the subfloor.
Note: It is always advisable to improve subfloor ventilation well prior to redecorating, as better air flow under the building may cause drying and shrinking in skirting boards and architraves.
Austrapest is the Pest Management and subfloor ventilation company of choice for home owners in Concord, Balmain, the Inner West, North Shore, Gladesville, Hills District and in fact we are recommended to customers throughout the Sydney metropolitan region. We offer excellent quality service and support, are committed to customer service and have competitive prices for this level of service in the industry. Austrapest and Kevmac together have been established in the Sydney Metropolitan since 1949 (over 60 years of excellence in Pest Management).

fungal growth to wall under a building

dampness damage to a wall

edmund ecofan installed

dual electric envirofans

brass mesh vents from Aleta

Austrapest and Kevmac together have been established in the Sydney Metropolitan since 1949, providing excellence in pest services.

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