Austrapest is the pest management company of choice for home owners in Concord, Balmain, the Inner West, North Shore, Gladesville, Hills District and in fact we are recommended to customers throughout the Sydney Metropolitan District.
Home owners want quality pest control, they want to know that technicians will arrive at scheduled times, have clean and safe work practices. Home owners want to be sure that their pest management company will be available for after sales services and inquiries. Work required by Home owners is very specific and we take time to discuss and accommodate your safety-related or technical concerns.
Your Austrapest local expert identifies the pest and the extent of the problem thoroughly on arrival.
The pests encountered may have a potential to spread or are vectors of disease, such as cockroaches, rats, birds and cause unnecessary aggravations for the occupants of the property.
Some pests may cause structural and therefore financial damage to the owner of the property, including termites, borers and rats. Some pests can be a real nuisance, such as bed bugs, bird mites, ants and fleas, and some pests can be dangerous, including spiders and wasps.

Rest assured that the problems are dealt with using the best and fastest ways possible. Ask us about our environmentally responsible approach to pest control. Austrapest uses an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) approach, where initial pest inspection and assessment is made and only the safest products are used to control pests, which have little or no impact on the environment, your family and your pets.

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Is your Pest Manager Pest Cert accredited?
Austrapest is - and proud of it.

Austrapest and Kevmac - excellence in pest services
in the Sydney Metropolitan since 1949


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