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Lockable Boxes

Lockable rat and mouse bait stations are used by Austrapest, and are part of our environmentally responsible and sustainable approach to pest control.
Bait stations are ideal to use in sensitive sites such as schools and kindergartens. They are also very important to use in external areas as they are tamper and weather proof – ensuring the safety of children, pets and non-target animals.

Lockable rodent boxes offer:
- Safer bait containment for people/animals in easily accessible areas.
- Direct contact with rodent activity before the pest enters the home/building
- Convenience of client maintenance for regular bait refilling.
DIY (Do it yourself)*
Austrapest technicians can service and place lockable stations. Alternatively, clients may be able to monitor and manage the stations themselves. Austrapest can provide instructions to clients on safety and how to manage their rat/mice bait stations. Bait stations can be refilled and are recyclable.
*Note for DIY: It is important to leave the stations in the desired location for several weeks without relocation as this will encourage rodent’s curiosity.
Austrapest advises that stations are placed in areas of known activity.

Refilling a lockable rat bait station

After the rat bait station has been refilled and locked

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