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Dusting Method

Termite dusting techniques
Austrapest's pest inspection, report and proposal are the first step in colony elimination.
As part of our recommended action plan or more complete treatment we may offer an option to dust the active termites.
While products used have changed over the years, this is an historical method of termite control in Australia and has been used successfully since Federation.
Up to a few years ago, a very fine Arsenic trioxide powder was used for this purpose.
Today Arsenic trioxide has been mostly replaced with BASF Termidor Dust and Bayer Intrigue Dust and Baiting Systems.
Dusting active termites is a highly skilled approach which exploits termites natural grooming and cannibalism of dead termites. The dust particles are passed on to other termites or taken back to the nest. The aim is to destroy the colony.
Termite dusting provides no long term protection of the structure, is not designed and should not be used as a stand – alone treatment and should be followed with a continuous chemical treated soil zone such as BASF Termidor Residual Termiticide (Fipronil) or Bayer Premise (Imidacloprid).

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dusting with Termidor (shows how dusting methods are applied)

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