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Termite Prevention

On the Australian mainland, one in five homes will have seen some form of pressure and attack from termites. Termites will not discriminate and can attack homes on concrete slabs, timber homes, homes in the cities, countries, roofs in high rise apartments, boats, wharves, trees. Termites do not belong to a neighbour’s property but can travel 100m from their nest to their food source.
The Americans refer to our most common pest species of termite Coptotermes acinaciformis (a subterranean termite) as “Super Termites” forming colonies of millions of individuals.
Austrapest/ Kevmac as a professional company, in continuous service for over 60 years, since 1949, has developed a wealth of experience and knowledge of termite behaviour and biology, in all the options of termite management and in offering customers the best advice on prevention – techniques the home owner can do themselves and professional treatments.
The first step in prevention of termite problems is having a detailed inspection and assessment by a qualified Austrapest technician. A detailed report is prepared with easy to follow recommendations. Refer to Austrapest’s termite management plan for our systematic approach.
Termite infestations do not occur overnight and take some time to control, so don’t be rushed into carrying out a termite treatment without having a proper inspection, assessment, report and proposal that offers the control options available.
For a better and more accurate assessment, invasive inspections tools can be used such as thermal imaging, boroscopes or Xrays machines.
Attention to good building practices and general home maintenance will discourage termites – removing formwork timbers, attending to dampness problems, fixing leaking downpipes. Advice may be given about test drilling and treating trees which are harbouring termite nests. Assistance can be given in approaching councils about termite problems in nature strips.
After an active termite problem has been solved or before it even occurs, prevention against termite attack is ongoing – the installation of monitoring stations around a property acts as a security system and will alert the home owner and professional inspector of termites hopefully before they have a chance to enter a property.
Continuous chemical treated zones can also be installed – again using modern and safer products which will give the home owner years of continual protection.

A TIP: Remember no treatments and monitors are as preventative against termites as regular - at least 6 monthly to yearly - inspections by Austrapest’s qualified, experienced, certified, Pest Registrar Accredited and insured technicians.


Austrapest and Kevmac together have been established in the Sydney Metropolitan since 1949, providing excellence in pest services.

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