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Termite Monitoring

The Australian Standard A.S.3660 - Termite Management advises that termites pose a significant economic risk to buildings and structures throughout the mainland Australia. Surveys carried out in Sydney and New South Wales in 1982 have found that one house in every five had active termites or had a termite history. Consequently regular monitoring of your property for termites activity is essential.

In any given area in Sydney from the North Shore, Northern Beaches, Sydney North West and Hills areas through to the inner West suburbs and the entire Sydney Metropolitan. It is normal for new termite colonies to be establishing or existing colonies to be seeking new food sources. They may eventually invade your property.

For this reason, we strongly recommend that you install termite - monitoring stations around your property as an early warning system. Termite monitors can be used and installed as a DIY by the home owner and checked regularly or installed by your local Austrapest termite expert.

Why do we monitor termites:

Termite monitors are part of Austrapest’s Integrated Termite Management (IPM) system along with Pest inspection, moisture metres, fibre optic devices (borescopes), thermal Imaging and Termitract. Monitors can be also used as part of an active dusting program, to monitor the ingress of termite activity, where termites are most active, to build up activity to make other treatment more successful, and as an early warning device they can detect and intercept termites before they have a chance to enter your home and do major damage.

types of monitoring stations

termites in a monitoring station

How we monitor:

Your local Austrapest Pest Manager can install and use the monitors for evidence of termite activity. Installation is done around the perimeter of the building and to high risk areas ie where soil may be built up against a wall.

The ingress of termites can be monitored with minimal disturbance – if termites sense danger they may go underground again and only be detected after they have done major damage.

Monitoring stations with termite attractive timbers used in conjunction with baits such as Insect growth regulators (IGRs) can achieve colony elimination often where the colony cannot be located.

Types of monitors:

There are a variety of monitors Austrapest can suggest to the home owner.

We prefer the use of Exterra, Nemesis, Xterm or Sentricon as they are designed specifically for termite interception.

Austrapest timber monitoring pegs impregnated with starch are also available.

Austrapest and Kevmac together have been established in the Sydney Metropolitan since 1949, providing excellence in pest services.

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