Austrapest technicians are often called upon to identify and advise about lesser known household pests
Austrapest licenced and qualified technicians are experts at identifying and managing your pest problems. Blanket treatments are not always a necessary or safe solution for your family. Austrapest uses the safest methods and products available. A great service we offer is free pest identification. Simply take a clear photo of a sample of your pest, and email the photo to

Moth Flies

Small flies with hairy wings. Encountered in moist areas such as bathrooms, laundries. Usually associated with a drainage or plumbing problem as larvae feed inside discharge pipes. Austrapest technicians can eradicate the moth flies themselves, however a more long term solution is to rectify the source of the problem 


A protected native Australian species. They will enter roof cavities through broken tiles or damaged eaves, they are a nuisance with their loud thumping noises and when they defecate and urinate on ceiling plasters. Management is according to state licence requirements with trapping and release into bushland.  (see the possum man for more information) 

Fabric and Paper Pests

Such as clothes moth, carpet beetle, silverfish. The key to Austrapest management approach is to correctly identify and assess the extent of and source of the problem which may involve throwing out infested materials. When treatments are needed Austrapest will use the safe synthetic pyrethroids.

Stored Food Pests

Such as Indian meal moth, drugstore beetle, rice weevil. Again Austrapest approach is identification and advice to the home owner, removal of infested material. When treatments are needed Austrapest will use the safe synthetic pyrethroids.

Flies and Mosquitoes

Are well known for their pest status both as a source of annoyance and also their ability to spread disease . Control methods include managing breeding sites, exclusion by sealing and screening. Full management can be a public health issue, in the case of mosquitoes with the application of larvicides to disrupt breeding cycles

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