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Schools and Sensitive Sites

Austrapest is the Pest Management company of choice for many schools and sensitive sites in Concord, Balmain, the Inner West, Gladesville, Ryde, Parramatta, Hills district, North Shore and in fact the whole of Sydney.
Austrapest/Kevmac is environmentally responsible using the safest products and methods available to provide an effective Pest Management Service. We also provide excellent customer service and support and we have competitive prices for the high quality of pest control services offered. Austrapest/Kevmac has been established in the Sydney Metropolitan since 1949 (over 60 years of excellence in Pest Management).
Educators and managers responsible for schools and sensitive sites have special pest control needs and want quality pest control. They want to know that technicians will arrive at scheduled times,and have clean and safe work practices. They also want to be sure that their pest management company will be available for after sales services and enquiries. Austrapest/Kevmac covers all these aspects, while also taking the time to discuss and accommodate safety-related or technical concerns.
The pests encountered at schools and sensitive sites may have the potential to spread or are vectors of disease, such as cockroaches, rats and some bird species. Other pests may cause structural and therefore financial damage to schools and sensitive sites, including termites, borers and rats. Some pests can be dangerous, such as spiders and wasps, or may just be a nuisance, including book lice, bird mites, ants and fleas.
Our company values IPM (Integrated Pest Management) and identifies the pest problem thoroughly on arrival. We suggest you keep a register of pest problems at the school or the sensitive site indicating what and where the pest was seen (this helps to identify and work out the extent of the pest problem).
Q: What is the Austrapest policy on work at schools and sensitive sites?
: Austrapest/Kevmac:
* Acts in accordance with the school’s pest management plan (or assists in creating one).
* Discusses and accommodates the school's safety-related concerns.
* Can provide MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheets) for all products used.
* Always uses the safest products available to achieve maximum efficiency.
* Is environmentally responsible.
* Uses highly qualified technicians to ensure schools receive the best and safest service possible.
* Complies with APVMA Pest Management in Schools 2009.
The treatments and inspections are usually done during School holidays or Friday afternoons. Austrapest offers the best long-term solution for pest management at schools and sensitive sites.
Just try and see the difference!!
Austrapest is a member of the Australian Environmental Pest Manager Association (AEPMA). Austrapest and its technical people are PestCert Accredited.
All our Timber Pest Specialists are Pest Inspector Registrar Accredited.
Ask us about our environmentally responsible approach to Pest Control.
Austrapest is fully aware of legislative and training requirements, in fact we are at the forefront of information and changes in our involvement with the peak Industry Association (AEPMA) and training committees across NSW.

Austrapest and Kevmac together have been established in the Sydney Metropolitan since 1949, providing excellence in pest services.

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Is your Pest Manager Pest Cert accredited?
Austrapest is - and proud of it.

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